People and Messaging - Nokia Lumia 710

Experience the amazing everyday and see just why the Nokia Lumia 710 is not your everyday, everyday phone.

Combining the best in stylish hardware and the best in stylish software, you get a colourful touch screen phone that not only looks great, but keeps you close to all the important things in your world. Especially people.

The People Hub is where being social starts. Take a look at how you'll be able to see all the latest updates from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn straight from the Start screen. Whether you're on the go and looking for what's new, searching for someone's contact details, taking pictures, or starting conversations, everything's right where you want it to be. Close at hand.

People and Messaging is one in a series of 6 quick introduction demos to the wonderful world of Nokia Lumia. Each video highlights different hubs and features, letting you dive deeper into the world of Nokia with Windows Phone.

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